Legacies are groups of people that have magical powers. These powers can manifest in a number of ways that range from inconsequential to world shaking. Typically these powers are passed from parents to child, often favoring a certain sex, or skipping a generation. All Legacies of a single power set are related at least distantly. They can draw a line of ancestors back to the Prime Legacy in the family.

The Prime Legacy is the first in a family to receive Legacy Powers. Many studies have been done in how Legacy Powers manifest in a Prime Legacy, but there all evidence points to it being completely random. Legacy Powers aren’t even always inherent at birth, though cases to the contrary may be due to activation of latent abilities. Legacies may have magical abilities, but it is not a requirement to manifest powers. In fact many Legacies are magically null, leading some scholars to believe the powers draw from the magics of the Legacy.

Legacies and Sorceresses are often linked due to similarities of random manifestation. Sourcery, however, has been observed to be uninheritable, and repeats in manifestation. In fact, multiple Sorceresses have been recorded as existing at the same time.


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