Possesion Of Lust

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The most common form of possession occurs when a person actively represses, or obsessively pursues sexuality. It is often hard to identify those with sexual possession, but many actively pursue the more deviant forms of sexuality or have an inordinate amount of sexual partners. They frequently join orgies and/or deviant clubs to try to satiate their extreme desires. Many will become prostitutes to acquire even more sexual partners and fund their habits.

Most commonly when this form of possession is broken the victim feels severely self depreciated. They often show many of the same signs of a rape victim, and will sometimes blame their former partners for their own transgressions during the possession.

If the victim is possessed for a long time physical changes may begin to manifest. In the case of a sexual possession sex characteristics will be hyper emphasized, such as larger breasts, more luscious lips, wider hips, or softer features for woman. Men may have more muscle definition. The actual changes depend on on the perceived desires of whomever the victim is trying to attract.

If the victim stays possessed longer formation of other changes may occur. Examples would be the growth of extra genitalia, change in skin tone or hair color, horn growth, or even extra appendages.


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