Digimon Cybersleuth Story

Not too long ago I was plagued by nostalgia. Not an uncommon experience, but I was driven by a very particular desire. What I craved was Digimon. For those unfamiliar with Digimon, they with a digital pet from back in the 90's, Bandai's answer for a desire to market Tomogatchis to boys. They were very... Continue Reading →

Halloween Lives

So the Spirits store just arrived in town and it's already starting to feel like Halloween. I know many people considering it Halloween season once the signs of autumn start, but living in a desert means those signs don't exist. It starts raining, so I guess that's a sign. Either way I love Halloween. It's... Continue Reading →

World Anvil

I just added my World Anvil page on the Lore button in the menu. There aren't a lot of articles published yet, most of them are drafts. I just need to work on cleaning them up and posting. I have a lot of notes on Sorceress Wars lore and it seems such a waste to... Continue Reading →

JRPGs and Epic Fantasy

Lost Sphear and I Am Setsuna are both on sale for the Switch. I had heard both games were decent, and reminiscent of the old school Final Fantasy games I grew up with. I've been hankering for a game with a good story on the my Switch. Most of the games I have are fun,... Continue Reading →

The Go Nagai Hero

I have been pondering the definition of the word “hero” as of late. It is a very powerful that conjures feeling of aspiration and power. In modern culture Super Heroes have taken center stage with their that one person can stand up and save the world if only they try. We often hear of police,... Continue Reading →


The most prominent religion in Biringor. It is based around the Phoenix, who goes through cycles of death and rebirth. Their belief is all life stems from the fires of of the Phoenix as he is reborn. The Phoenix is in an endless battle with his opposite, the Dragon, who wins their fight at the each age, only for the Phoenix to rise up... Continue Reading →

The City of Asden

The City of Asden is the center of the world for all that is magic and is the location of the Argent Tower. The city is built in multiple layers with the Tower itself at the center and each section beyond being newer. The innermost layer is home to dignitaries and officials. Many of the... Continue Reading →

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