The City of Asden

The City of Asden is the center of the world for all that is magic and is the location of the Argent Tower. The city is built in multiple layers with the Tower itself at the center and each section beyond being newer. The innermost layer is home to dignitaries and officials. Many of the... Continue Reading →

Caedric the Mageknight

Caedric was a wizard of the Argent Tower back in the days of the Sorceress War. He is best known as the founder of the Black Mageknights, named such for the black armor worn by their found which was taken on by his disciples. His title of Mageknight was earned for his retirement of magic... Continue Reading →


The Faltanine are a nomadic group of people found mainly in the Breasail region. Up until a decade after the Sorceress War, roving bands would perform raids on small cities and towns. Other bands would hire themselves out as mercenaries, providing a finely honed martial skill to those that could pay. It was not uncommon... Continue Reading →

Possession of Authority

This type of possession occurs when someone desires power over others. This can either be meek individuals wishing for an ounce of control in their lives, or a megalomaniac CEO who wishes to expand his control. Though these emotions are relatively common, this type of possession isn’t. The reason being, the possession typically only occurs... Continue Reading →

Possession of Violence

Another form of possession is when someone holds deep seated hatred, or aggression. Much like sexual possession those at risk are those who are disbalanced. Someone who represses their stress from work drama, or family issue may be at risk. Equally so those who constantly fight, and solve problems only with their fists. Those possessed... Continue Reading →

Possesion Of Lust

The most common form of possession occurs when a person actively represses, or obsessively pursues sexuality. It is often hard to identify those with sexual possession, but many actively pursue the more deviant forms of sexuality or have an inordinate amount of sexual partners. They frequently join orgies and/or deviant clubs to try to satiate... Continue Reading →


Legacies are groups of people that have magical powers. These powers can manifest in a number of ways that range from inconsequential to world shaking. Typically these powers are passed from parents to child, often favoring a certain sex, or skipping a generation. All Legacies of a single power set are related at least distantly.... Continue Reading →

Raven’s Nest

Few places in the city of Asden existed where you can meet without being overheard, and the buildings around the fountain didn't crowd in like they did in the rest of the city. The fountain was still surrounded by dark alleys, and overhead windows. In fact, you could be overheard, especially dressed in showy guild... Continue Reading →

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