Possession of Authority

This type of possession occurs when someone desires power over others. This can either be meek individuals wishing for an ounce of control in their lives, or a megalomaniac CEO who wishes to expand his control. Though these emotions are relatively common, this type of possession isn’t. The reason being, the possession typically only occurs in locations in which mass suicides have taken place. Though cults are common enough in Ætheria, they are generally routed out by local authorities, Paladins, and even Silver Mage Knights. When mass suicide does occur, it generally produces a drastic rip into the demonic realm. These sorts of rips are usually quarantined quickly and exercised.


Much like Possessions of Violence, the afflicted with a Possession of Authority will feel a major loss of ego. They usually find themselves alone, having driven friends and family away while possessed. Often they develop a lack of ambitious and fade into obscurity.
In the advanced stages the victim will solid colored eyes, frequently black, and sometime patches of scales appear on the body. Deformed arms and loss of hair are frequently reported side effects.


Copyright 2017 C. A. Pence. All rights reserved.

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