Halloween Lives

So the Spirits store just arrived in town and it’s already starting to feel like Halloween. I know many people considering it Halloween season once the signs of autumn start, but living in a desert means those signs don’t exist. It starts raining, so I guess that’s a sign.

Either way I love Halloween. It’s the only holiday I feel any excitement for. Don’t get me wrong, the copious amounts of noms on hand during Turkey Day is amazing, but I love spooky season. To those of you that know me that comes as no surprise. I love the creepy and the horrid and there is no time like Halloween to be the creepy dude.

Now you might be thinking, “But Pence with everything going on won’t Halloween be cancelled?”

Well, metaphorical reader, you are wrong. Nothing cancels Halloween. It might be you don’t have the kids going door to door receiving their yearly tribute in the form of candy. You also may not have as many Halloween parties. That being said, if you want everyone wearing masks there is no better day. Plus the spirit of the day will continue to live. No pun intended.

Halloween will be there for every person that puts skeleton in their front yard. For anyone that has a blood smear decal. For anyone that boots up their Shutter trial to binge watch horror flicks. Whatever Halloween was it’s now a day for creepy folks to show off their creepiness in the open. Where ever you have the dude that get off on scaring someone so bad that a suspicious brown liquid leaks down their leg, Halloween lives.

I’m C.A. Pence and this was my Ted Talk.

Signing off.

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