Caedric the Mageknight

Caedric was a wizard of the Argent Tower back in the days of the Sorceress War. He is best known as the founder of the Black Mageknights, named such for the black armor worn by their found which was taken on by his disciples. His title of Mageknight was earned for his retirement of magic to be used in combat which he used for his sword and spell combat style that Black Mageknights are trained in to this very day.

Due to his focus on combat many in the modern age accuse him of being a warmonger, but during his lifetime was often quoted for his hatred of war; stating that “war is throwing peons at each other to fight to the death in giant dick measuring contests of trumped up nobles sitting behind thick stone walls.”

He wasn’t always the Magekinght. For much of his life Caedric was a mercenary working for the Dragon’s Span Mercenary Company. With them he had many successful campaigns and earned a tidey sum of gold. He ended up leaving the company and his mercenary career behind to marry Audwin.

With Audwin, Caedric had a son and a daughter. For many years he lived off of the money he earned from his mercenary days, until one day he came home to find his his family dead, their blood covering the walls. Their bodies were heavily lacerated and some parts looked like they were chewed by some sort of animal. He learned from a traveling wizard that his family was killed by a demon. He sought to employ the wizard, but the wizard refused, stating that he was far too busy with another project.

It was then that Caedric began his path to becoming the Mageknight. He sought ways to track down and kill the demon that killed his family. At first he would follow rumor of demonic activity and hunt the demon down. Being just a regular soldier the demons proved a challenge for him, but miraculously he survived. After almost being killed and out of commission for a month straight he decided he needed new tricks to combat these ethereal beings.

He sought out hedge wizards and Spell Seekers to try to learn what he could to fight back and seek the demons out. He found that normal spells tended to either take too long in combat, or were too complex, so once he mastered the techniques he learned, he began to remake them into spells that could be used in combat.

His success at demon hunter lead him to become a legend; a man who single handedly fought powerful demons and came out alive. This brought him to the attention of the Argent Tower, which only had middling success using an entire kill squad made of of two wizards and five knights. They offered for Caedric to join the Argent Tower, but he refused. He was only interested in finding the demon who kill his family. The Argent Tower left him alone, but kept tabs on his exploits from then on.

Then came the Sorceress War. At first he stayed out of the wars, believing it was other people’s problem, but when after he found that demons were organizing under the Sorceress’ name he reached out to the Argent Tower. The Tower had grown wary after an already long war with the Sorceress’ forces, but due to the erging of Maven, later know as the Great Silver Wizard, his offer was accepted. In order to prepare for war against demons he developed the Black Mage Knights, wizards who he taught his own style of magic. The Black Mage Knights ran several successful operation against the demon army and were pivotal in ending the Sorceress War.
After the war, Caedric remained as a part of the newly formed Silver Council, but quickly became restless and resume his demon hunts on his own. He went missing for many years, many believing him dead, but later returned stating that he found a way into the demon realm to continue his hunt. Though many tried to pry details of his expedition from him, the foremost being the Ethereal Guild, no one knows what happened in that time period.


Copyright 2017 C. A. Pence. All rights reserved.

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