The City of Asden

The City of Asden is the center of the world for all that is magic and is the location of the Argent Tower. The city is built in multiple layers with the Tower itself at the center and each section beyond being newer.

The innermost layer is home to dignitaries and officials. Many of the buildings date back to the very beginning of Asden’s establishment and were either well maintained or rebuilt. This is also where higher class of Asden resides and spends their time. The oldest noble families of Asden live here with few exceptions.

The next layer hold most of the headquarters of large businesses in Asden. Most of the city has been rebuilt to accommodate the towering skyscrapers that attempt to mimic the visage of the Argent Tower itself. There are sections of homes, older buildings, and industrial factories scattered throughout the area as well.

Between the two is the Mid Wall. It’s called the Mid Wall because it was made before the outlying sectors of the city were around. The Mid Wall is just large enough to be difficult to climb and has no magical properties whatsoever. For the most part the wall is well kept, but issues with the wall crumbling are ongoing.

The Outskirts are just outside the Outer wall. They are the result of refugee camps that formed outside of the city for people seeking Asylum from the Sorceress’ forces. The area consists of the poorer part of the Asden populus. Slums and suburbs are interspersed throughout, but the poorest are is a ring around the outside known unofficially as the Low Wall. This is where most gangs call their home.

The Outer Wall is a massive structure built during the Sorceress War. The wall is heavily enchanted, covered in massive runes. It was designed to keep the Sorceress’ forces outside of Asden should they have arrived at the city during the Sorceress Wars. Its main function was serve as an impassible barrier to Demons.  The wall’s Ward were never officially tested since the Sorceress War was ended before she could make her much feared assault on Asden.


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