The most prominent religion in Biringor. It is based around the Phoenix, who goes through cycles of death and rebirth. Their belief is all life stems from the fires of of the Phoenix as he is reborn. The Phoenix is in an endless battle with his opposite, the Dragon, who wins their fight at the each age, only for the Phoenix to rise up in the new age and start the battle once more. It’s thought that one age will ends with the Phoenix defeating the Dragon in a last battle which will result in an unending peace and prosperity. Many believe they are living in the final age since according to their legends the most devout followers of the Phoenix imprisoned the Dragon over 2000 years ago beginning the Age of Imprisonment. Demons are considered to be the thoughts of the Dragon himself and he plots his escape and how to end his eternal foe for all time, to bring about an age of discord.

The Phoenix Church is headed up by the Four Devout. Called so in respect to the four who began the Age of Imprisonment. Beneath each is a Divine Cleric, who handles the day to day tasks of the Devout they serve. Under the Divine Cleric is a variety of mid clerics who manage the function of the clergy in various capacities, and below them are the low clerics who run the churches and interact with the public. For the Phoenicians the symbol of the flame is very important. Within each Phoencian cathedral is a constant burning pyre. The flames in the temple are supposed to come from the Phoenix itself which allow the prayers and wishes of its worshipers to strengthen their him for the last battle.

It is believed when they die they return to the Phoenix so long as they maintain faith and remain a part of the Phoenix a new age. Those who become a part of the Phoenix will be resurrected once more in the next age. In the stories the faithful will also gain true immortality since the Dragon will no longer cause their deity to die. The unfaithful’s flames fade and their souls are cast into eternal darkness with the Dragon as he reaches into the world to try stifling the flames of men so Cold Souls may join with him in the final battle.

Copyright 2018 C. A. Pence. All rights reserved.

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