Digimon Cybersleuth Story

Not too long ago I was plagued by nostalgia. Not an uncommon experience, but I was driven by a very particular desire. What I craved was Digimon.

For those unfamiliar with Digimon, they with a digital pet from back in the 90’s, Bandai’s answer for a desire to market Tomogatchis to boys. They were very similar. The pet was born, you had to feed it, and clean up after it. One big difference was that you could battle with other people (something I could never do since I never knew anyone else that owned one). Depending on how you took care of it, it would digvolve (their version of evolving) into different Digimon.

Eventually Digimon was made into anime. It was frequently compared to Pokemon, some even claiming it was a rip off. A sentiment I disagree with. You see, Digmon was very different in many ways. Unlike Pokemon where many of the monsters were very animalistic and unable to communicate, Digimon could talk. In fact instead of capture the digimon were bonded to a partner who effected their development, much like the toy.

Decades later I purchased a game on the Switch. The game took Digmon into the realm of JRG’s. This game was Digimon: Cybersleuth Story. The version I bought was a complete version with the DLC included, specifically Hacker’s Memory. The DLC promised a story of Hackers which I found intriguing at the time so I started there. It took me 135 hours to beat just the DLC.

This isn’t a statement of the game’s difficulty, but how much content is in it. The DLC feels closer to a fully realized sequel rather than an add on. I had so much fun raising different digimon and filling out my team with powerful evolutions… sorry digivolutions… and finshed satisfied, sad about the digmon I left behind, and excited for the next game.

As of writing this I haven’t finished the main game, but the little I have played is every bit as good, if not better.

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