It’s that time of year again

It’s October again and the magic of Halloween cackles in air. I love this season. Part of it is because I am a massive edgelord and love everything creepy. Another part is the love of costumes.

I have always been into costumes. They are a way to transform yourself into someone or something else entirely. Evening writing sometimes feels like it pales in comparison. While with writing I am creating entire worlds under my control like I am some sort of malevolent god (Mwahahahahaha), at the end of the day I leave that world behind back into the real one. With a costume I have a little piece of fantasy in the real world that I have created. I get to BE that thing in the real space if just for a little bit. I get to live as that something and experience what it experiences.

Or maybe I’m making too much out of it and at the end of the day I’m just some guy who cut holes in his bedsheet going ‘Oooooo’ and waving his arms.

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